Quick introduction in case anyone other than my family happen upon this blog – go! Ok, this is me. I’ll be brief 😀 Almost 3 years ago I became what is known as a “trailing spouse” (i.e., a spouse that follows their loved one abroad and commonly doesn’t work due to many factors). After failing miserably at finding work, coupled with no children or pets, I found myself going from 10+ years of full time work/school to having an acute awareness of just how many seconds are in a day – 86,400. That is a lot of time to fill. You’d think I’d have the hang of it by now, but I am still failing at/learning/discovering ways to keep myself productive and sane. After lots of asking from family to see more than flashes of my projects on Skype, I will put the more interesting (well, kinda interesting I guess) things I do here – not including all the housework, grocery shopping, etc. that go into running a household (all 52 sq meters of it, ha!); however, I make no promises because sometimes that is the most interesting part of my day.


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