Rescue and a Thank-you

Last weekend, my husband and I were up near the Ostsee to meet a childhood friend of his coming through on a cruise. We had a lovely time going on a little tour with him and his wife, and it was great to finally meet the man behind the name I’d heard in numerous stories of prepubescent adventures.

After a long and fun-filled day, our luck ran out as we missed the only train back home. There was a single long, alternate route that was available, but ended up being delayed/canceled, and we were stranded. We weren’t able to find any hotels available on the little battery power our phones had left, but thankfully we called just the right friends who happened to have family in the town where we were – and they were willing to take us in for the night. We wouldn’t have to sleep in the train station, yay!

After feeling completely humiliated for our predicament, and even adding to it by taking the wrong tram, so they had to drive out and pick us up, it was so completely amazing to have people who didn’t know us treat us so kindly. We were brought in, given a place to sleep, helped in getting bus tickets home, given a map to the station, fed cake, and even spotted money for the tram as all we had were large bills. A little kindness (or a lot in their case) really makes the world a much brighter place.

As a thank-you, I plan on sending a box of treats and a little gift for their adorable baby girl, whose room we got to use. It looks to be a popular name these days 😉 I’m not a fan of the series, but it is a lovely name for a lovely baby.

Time: Roughly 10800 seconds



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