Mini Monsters

Sorry I’ve been gone so long, I’ve been busy crafting but for multiple reasons never quite felt up to or got around to putting pictures up. Hopefully catching up will help motivate me to continue crafting and sharing 😀

I came across a trio pair of baby socks at the 1 Euro shop a while back, and I couldn’t help but get excited to make Mini Monsters. The end critters are about 4-5 inches high, maybe? Some are taller than others, but they are wonderfully palm-sized.


The little guy on the left was my first one, followed by the other two. I found it a bit tricky to maintain the shape I liked while stuffing them – they like to stretch! These socks had large cuffs, but I was able to cut the threads that sewed the cuffs down and lengthen the socks by quite a bit. I liked experimenting with different formats, but I admit I’m always imagining that toe seam as a mouth, so I am a fan of that format.


Here are two I made the last weekend in May. The guy on the left looks just like me that last Saturday – I stitched him on the bus to Copenhagen with my church group. We went there and back in the same day, and boy was I sleepy from the 5:30AM departure time O.o It was a great trip though 😀

On the second guy, I got to use my new crafting tools – forceps! I had seen them on this tutorial video with Lisa Pay, an artist who does amazing plushies, and my dear BFF sent me a pair for my birthday (along with a crazy box of crafting goodies, so I should have lots of projects to keep me busy). They are useful for getting stuffing down into small spaces, and they also helped make turning the monsters much faster. 😀

Time taken: about 3600-7200 seconds per mini monster from start to finish, including time to cut the stitches off the cuff and the time I spend burrowing through my button collection looking for the perfect eyes. They are so small that they whip up rather fast.


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