Futurama Brain Slug

I was stuck in bed sick a few weeks ago, and as I couldn’t do much else, I again found some accomplishment in crafting 😀

While watching my favorite comfort show – Futurama – in bed, I remembered a photo I had seen on Craftster for a Brain slug someone made for Halloween. I had green felt, and I had just purchased stuffing for my birthday (I had been so patient to wait for the craft budget to regrow 😀 ), and I was inspired. I saw this post had more instructions on how to make one, so I used roughly the same idea and set to work experimenting and kind of blending all the different features of the different pictures together that I liked.

I cut 6 segments, and left the ends kind of loosely blobby-shaped, but I love how they don’t even have to be the same length necessarily. I didn’t stuff the antennae at all, they are just two pieces of felt stitched together – I sewed them in at the seams. And it is totally fine if you forget to put them in, like I did on one side, it’s easy to go back and snip a little space to slip it in. After some stuffing, I took the remaining felt and laid it on the bottom of the guy, pinching it where I wanted the bottom to lay flat and pinning the layers together, then I sewed the edges and trimmed away the excess.

For the eye, I actually used a circle template I had from the Dahlia flower pins, and then trimmed the pupil to size. The eyes are attached with straight stitch, nice and easy.

In the end, I thought it was a little short and squat at first, but the more I see it the more I like it. Plus, gelatinous monsters come in all different sizes and shapes 😀

I plan on adding a couple strips of felt on the bottom that I could slip a hair pin over to attach it to my head come the occasion.

Time Taken: It took a bit of figuring out, but all in all took maybe 7200 seconds, it was a bit more than a single movie project.


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