A little splash of color and another card

This past week I haven’t been feeling that great, so it’s been a bit of a struggle to do much on the creative end. Hence, the lack of lots of posts. Plus, I think I finally put up most of my projects from the last year or two, so things might slow down a bit anyway 😛

Anyhew, this week I have to be sedated for a little medical procedure, and the notes from the doctor said to bring a “dressing gown”, which, according to the internet, is what us Americans call a bathrobe. I didn’t have one and I’m not too keen on spending bukoo bucks on one (the local mall had many in the 150 Euro+ variety, eek!), so I nipped off to the local thrift store and found this green one that wasn’t too shabby, and it was under 5 bucks.

I wanted to make it a little less blah, so I decided to embroider some flowers on it. I was very limited in time as I realized I needed to wash the thrift store funk out of it and have it hang dry before Thursday, so the embroidery is rather shabby, but I think it does its job.


I started with the pink flower, doing the petals in woven picot stitch with DMC #5 thread, my first time trying out that stitch, and filling it with some yellow french knots, also in a #5 DMC. I wasn’t really measuring anything and just kind of freestyling it, which explains why it looks like it does 😀 – Tip: I wouldn’t recommend woven picots on terry cloth fabric, as the little bits of terry cloth kept getting caught in the weaving and ended up pulling my threads funky. If you put something between the weaving and the terry cloth though, you might be able to avoid that.

The second “flower” – it may look more like a seastar I think – I freehanded in chain stitch with a heavier DMC #3 thread, adding a little buttonhole stitch circle in the middle and some straight stitches down the petals, also a #3 DMC. And since it looked a little plain, I added a button.

Total time: Maybe 10800 seconds, I wasn’t counting, again 😦 but it was about 2 episodes of Original Star Trek and maybe 3 episodes of Bob’s Burgers, so close to 3 hrs I suppose. I know it took way longer than I thought it would, especially with the woven picots, they take a while!

It is also my mother’s birthday today, and as I sent her card in the mail just last week I think it will miss her special day (d’oh!), but I hope she enjoys it whenever it gets there just the same. It’s another pattern from Stitching Cards. After I took the picture I used a little pen to write a “Hey, girl” pun or something humorous on the front 😀

Time: From beginning to finish maybe 7200 seconds or so, these aren’t too bad once you get the punching done.



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