Stitch Sampler Tote bag

This is my first embroidery project I did, from a little over a year ago. So… yeah, it has a lot of mistakes, but I was super excited about it at the time. I had just found out that embroidery was something you could actually do, and it totally changed my brain. I can’t describe it better unfortunately.

Anyhew, I made this bag for a friend of mine for her birthday, I love the saying 🙂

I designed it all myself, with the exception of the large S that I found online. I either drew the graphics/letters or found similar clipart online to use as a template, and then I browsed until I found a stitch I wanted to use. Her series of tutorials on stitching letters and text was what I turned to most of the time. I’ve listed the stitches with the pictures below, some of them, like the double chain stitch, I didn’t get right but I liked the look so I left it. I only wish I had re-done some of the stitches I really disliked (I’m looking at you, rope stitch), but I ran out of time and I shudder to think what the fabric would look like after picking out stitches :O But woo hoo for art, yes?

Time: Oh, nelly, it was my first project so I’m not sure how long it took me… if I recall roughly 3,888,000 seconds, maybe longer as I spent a lot of time learning about stitching as I went. 🙂


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