Unicorn Poop cookies

Last summer I made these cookies for a friend when she moved away. They were lots of fun, though they were also a bit of work – at least when you aren’t working with concentrated food dyes. I had to use so much “natural” food coloring to get any color in these that they ended up tasting really awful 😦 But at least they looked pretty! I would definitely recommend using a food coloring paste like Wilton’s or something, not what you find in a European grocery store, if you want bright colors. Otherwise, be happy with pastels for the sake of taste. I also used some glittery food gel to enhance the colors, and that was pretty fun 🙂

There are two different tutorials for these, I used both as reference – Nerdy Nummies, and Yoyomax

My sister made a big batch this last month for an SCA event she was in charge of, and I know she made a batch of gluten free ones for her kiddo, if anyone is interested in that recipe I can ask her for it ❤

Time: As I struggled with colors and hand painted the glitter gel, I’d say 10800-14400 seconds, plus overnight fridge time for the dough. I remember they took a lot longer than I thought they would, but I might have gone to the store for more dyes when it wasn’t working so well… no wonder they tasted so bad!



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