Missionary Hankies

When I was first getting into my embroidery craze, we had two stellar missionaries in our area that ended up being very good friends, mainly as they were like 2 out of the 5 people I would have any interaction with on a weekly basis (saying the one or two German words I knew to the cashier at the store didn’t count). Anyhew, I really wanted to make something special for them for their birthdays/1 year out anniversaries/because they were awesome, and I had some hankies from the thrift store, so I figured I could embroider a favorite scripture on a handkerchief.

All I did was create a document in GoogleDocs and fiddle with fonts and size until I got the layout I wanted – it helps here to drape the hankie over the screen, usually it will show through fine. And then (if you’re squeamish about computers, don’t read the next part) yeah, I kind of used a dull pencil or a fine pen and directly traced the words onto the hankie while trying not to ruin my computer screen…  A better option would have been to print the document and use sunlight on a window to complete the tracing, silly me.

I was worried that the large text made the hankies more decorative than useful, so for my second attempt this year I reduced the size and had the hubster print the papers, then I traced the words onto tissue paper and then stitched over the paper. However, I found out that my tracing skills are really not so good, as evidenced by the squiggly stitches, so I am still working on finding a tracing solution that works, or buy a printer, or some real tracing paper, or something. 😀

The first two hankies are stitched in whipped backstitch, which works great for letters when you are using black thread, it just smooths out with the whipping. I was short on time and a bit over my head with the second batch (I doubled the missionaries and asked for their favorite scriptures instead of mine), so they ended up as mostly straight stitches, one has a little whipping but I ended up not liking it a whole lot but I couldn’t remove it so I whipped the last line.

I wasn’t completely thrilled with the second batch and its tiny letters, but the Elders loved them anyway, which made me happy.

Time: The first two I believe took about 259200 seconds (about 3 days), and the rest I did over a span of about 1209600 seconds (about 2 weeks), as I restarted one a few times, and some of those Elders had really, really long favorite scriptures (when counted in stitches at least 😉 )


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