Gertie the Sorgenfresser

This is Gertie, my latest sock monster creation. She is based off of these awesome and adorable toys called Sorgenfressers, which are kind of like Worry Dolls. You feed them your worries and they help you get through it. I really love love love their idea and their marketing, especially as they don’t say they will take your worries away, you give them your worries and they will help you get through it together. They are lovely, but a bit out of my price range at the moment – even the keychain size run about 7.99 euro – so I thought I would see if I could do something with a sock monster. I found a zipper and a pair of awesome socks at the dollar store, and away we were. She ended up rather quirky, but I really like it. You could also use this format for a really cute coin purse I suppose.

The trickiest part for me was setting in the mouth, as I admit I am not an experienced seamstress and I only have needle and thread to guide me. It wasn’t too difficult, but I am glad you can’t see the inside… I used scissors to cut between two stripes of color, then I folded the ends up and stitched the zipper in. Then I used an extra bit of fabric to sew a little pouch to the zipper – I cut a rough rectangle of fabric and set it in an roundish shape around the mouth area, sewing the top to the zipper before sewing the bottom or sides together. Then I proceeded as if it were a regular sock monster, though I did put stuffing both in front and in back of the little pouch I had made. After she was filled out, I tested the zipper and found it was catching a bit on all the fabric, so I opened up the zipper and folded up the “lips” and just tacked the fabric back  with some stitches so it would sit away from the teeth, and voila!

Time: About 7200 seconds, she is only made out of one sock so the sewing was less, and the stripes really helped me keep my stitches more straight 😉


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